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Adwords Banned ? I have the solution

As you know every banned person at google adwords is banned permanently, I can however tell you how you can advertise again.

Google’s monopoly in online advertising is just too big, so you are forced back into their hands. It’s a bad thing to have all your chances with them, but as you already know a quick buck is made easy with them.

In my case I made $ 10.000 a month by advertising with adwords.. till they banned me for using the word “best” or such in my ads, what a silly reasons for a customer spending thousands a month.

So after that I created new accounts with new creditcard information and such. Still they found out who I was and they banned me again automatically.
I tried a lot of other things that didn’t work either.. I missed $ 10.000 a month so I tried lots of things actually. At some time I found a method that worked and didn’t got me banned automatically.

I want to share my method with other people, yes you can get your adwords revenue back again, may it be hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousand dollars+ a month. You can get it all back by just advertising with adwords again.

In my guide I will tell you exactly which steps you need to take to prevent from being recognized by google again and then how you get back in again in a way that you are accepted in the system.

This time they don’t recognize you and you can advertise again with a new account without any problems. My guide contains detailed instructions and steps that you’re not going to find on some forum, website or discussion groups. If you want to get back into advertising with adwords then you need to order adwords ban guide.

Order adwords ban guide

I will give you personal support if needed, and if not succesful you’l get a full refund.


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